Friday, March 25, 2011

Wrap up of my birthday

The show was simply fantastic; the pageantry, the voices and the whole experience was wonderful. After the show I headed to Encore and to Society Cafe for my birthday dinner. The service was so attentive and the atmosphere was lovely. The decor manages to be a funky take on classic and the food is fabulous. I had the vegetable tasting plate with red and white quinoa and roasted beets and foraged mushrooms; it was sensational.

For dessert I had an Americano and some of the wonderful donut balls dipped in caramel sauce-- I would definitely order these again!

From the Encore I walked to Paris- well the hotel of the same name anyway!

I am now finished packing and I've had my final cup of tea and a banana for dessert (I know anyone else screaming dietitian right now?) I'm going to sleep because tomorrow I check out and take on San Francisco!

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  1. Black dress with white flower: from the bridal shop? Gorgeous cut aruond the neckline. Your hair in that pic is PERFECTO!!!! You are just too beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! We didn't get time to go to the Paris, but it's on the list to visit next time we are in Vegas!