Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back again

After such a pleasant evening last night I thought I would try my luck at a different restaurant. However after learning that I would have to wait until 10 o'clock to eat I promptly made the decision that (because eating the waitress was not an option) I would head over to the Wynn again. so here I am with a table this time and Pascal the lovely maitre'd who personally showed me to the table because he recognized me from last night keeps checking to make sure I am happy with how my evening is going.

Dinner was a light and lovely half portion (read: proper size) of penne with pesto and steamed green beans. I also mistakenly ate a piece of bread that haunted me like a specter the rest of the night. Unfortunately no photos of dinner as it was too dark but here is my latest purchase.

Ooh pretty box (totally took a video so that I can relive the unwrapping and share my child like squeal with everyone).

I also admit that I was felling a little lonesome tonight (I can use an osmond song reference I am in Vegas). As usual though my mum and dad knew just when to call so all my love to my beautiful family.

Well it's only 2am here so I'm going to sleep a little more (by the way did I mention they have wifi in the rooms and remote controlled curtains here?) and then I'm going to try a nice hilly walk, taking it easy on the digestive system for a little while. Love you all.

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