Friday, March 25, 2011

It's my birthday!

I didn't actually end up at my intended breakfast destination as they seem to hiding it from me; so in suitable Amy style I returned to the scene of an earlier crime and had breakfast at Cafe Tintoretto again. Considering it is my birthday I went for the buttermilk pancakes with strawberry syrup.

As you can see there wasn't even enough restraint for me to photograph before trying the first bite.

I returned to Fendi this morning to ask about my watch. Michelle was so sweet and gave me a beautiful scarf as a birthday present!

Then I hit the boulevard again and wandered over to the Mirage for a nature walk in Siegfried and Roy's secret garden. The dolphins were gorgeous and playful and all the big cats were napping in the sun. My favorites were these boys.

The Mirage is gorgeous and has these amazing glass artworks in the gaming area.

I did some gift shopping (I'm looking at you Mama and Trent), had a cappuccino and then I might have accidentally stumbled into here.

I promise that no credit cards were fatally injured in the making of this post. I then returned to the Venetian and managed to have a solo gondola ride. Roberto the gondolier even sang me happy birthday in Italian!

I've just had a nap and now I'm off to get dressed for the opera and dinner! More to come!


  1. OMG! Those pancakes look divine! You are having a fairytale birthday aren't you!!! Love the scarf and have a great time at the opera. I bet you look gorgeous!!!

    We love you,
    Jess & Trent

  2. Amy your watch is gorgeous - Fendi?? And the scarf to match - I'm going to have to up my game!!!!

    Miss you xxxooo