Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dessert at Bartolotta

As I ambled over to dinner last night through the rather chilly Vegas air I couldn't have imagines the great evening that awaited me. I checked in at the front desk for my reservation for one and took a seat at the bar with a diet coke waiting to be called to my solo dining venture. I started chatting to a charming englishman seated next to me and before I knew it we were closing the place down, shortly after midnight! We both ordered the complexly flavored farro and porcini mushroom risotto and talked for three solid hours about travel and life and adventure. It was a unique moment and rare opportunity to meet a kindred spirit so far from home but as at home in his wanderings as I am. Then the fabulous barman Rich brought me a slice of creamy vanilla bean semifreddo with red wine poached figs and dark chocolate sauce with a candle. The best pre birthday birthday cake ever! My new friend even paid for my meal as a birthday present. I feel truly blessed to have had such a great start to my holiday.
Love you all, gotta go more adventure (and some shopping) awaits me this morning.

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