Sunday, March 27, 2011

All along the rocky shore

Today has been one of getting lost, getting found and then getting lost again. But no worries; using my trusty feet and no sense of apprehension in asking strangers for directions I have managed to have a successful day.
Upon my entry to Golden Gate park this sign greeted me.

Don't worry Mum I've still got all four limbs attached. I made my way to the the de Young museum and was blown away by the architecture of the building itself. The exhibition spaces ate cleverly designed and flow smoothly over several levels, the oversized doorways seem to frame each new gallery and enhance the discovery of what lies beyond. The Balenciaga exhibit was extraordinary, the suggestion of his work being more of architecture than pure fashion is the best way to summarize the aesthetic of his pieces.
After the de Young I headed to the Isabella de Borchgrave exhibit at the Legion of Honor. again amazing. this artist uses the mediums of paint and paper to create replicas of fashion pieces shown in paintings (such as those of the Medici family) or in illustrations.
From the Legion of Honor I took a long and winding path to the Cliff House.

The amazing view from the Cliff House and it's surrounds beckoned me to keep walking to the Dutch windmill.

After that I accidentally walked past where I had intended having dinner, only realizing after I asked a very nice local who was out walking his lovely dog on this blustery afternoon. I stumbled into the Java Beach cafe and I think fate was certainly at work; irish breakfast tea, vegan cookies and this massive salad, along with great music and free wifi!

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  1. Beautiful shots darling,had a great time at the craft show - lunch was hommade potato salad, smoked salmon and avocado - followed by gluten free banofee pie and meringues with tea & coffee. Found apron material for you. xoxooxx

  2. Lunch sounds great love you guys so much!!