Friday, March 11, 2011


As promised, here are some pictures of the time I spent in Florence last year. Although it was only 3 days I was instantly enchanted by the city. We arrived in the rain and got absolutely saturated running from the bus to the hotel wheeling our suitcases along the cobbled streets, it made the warm shower and pasta for dinner even better.
Arriving in Florence is like stepping back in time. We drove through the rolling Tuscan hillside, the sunflowers were surrendering to the end of summer and their drooping heads painted the fields a muted gold, the mountainsides were occassionally interrupted by a villa, or crumbling castle, and it was all washed out a little by the storm clouds in the sky.
The city of Florence is so beautifully preserved it would hardly be strange to see a horse and cart rolling down the street, or a Medici discussing his latest commission with Michelangelo. There are hardly any cars in the streets and most people cycle or walk for transportation. With a city this beautiful I don't think anyone would want to be trapped in a car.
There is so much to see in this timeless city and you can feel the echo of the past everywhere you go. I only got to see such a brief snapshot of Florence and I can't wait until I am lucky enough to return.

On the way to Florence, look at that beautiful storm.

Rivoire restaurant in Florence. We met two very charming Italian businessmen.

Ponte Vecchio. The only bridge from the middle ages to survive WWII. Since the Medici times this has been filled with fine jewellery shops.

Sunbathing Florentine style.

Through the streets of Florence.

This little guy just landed on my hand out of nowhere. What a moment in such a busy city.

Pinocchio is everywhere in Florence and Pisa, his birthplace.

Along the river bank.

Florence at dusk. This was one of the most romantic spots in the city.

San Gimignano

12th century vineyard. I would love to get married here one day.

Happy Friday everyone!

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