Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New faces new places

We have been everywhere today!
Verena and I took the bus down to the ferry building so that we could catch a ferry across to Sausalito.
After some adventures with the timetable we made our way to Pier 41 where we caught the ferry just in time across the bay. It was perfect weather for cruising the bay, the first really fine weather all week.

Alcatraz from a safe distance.

Sausalito is a beautiful little fishing town that was settled by Italian migrants initially. Now it is a haven for tourists and full of beautiful little restaurants, galleries and pretty houses.

After our adventures in transport this morning it was lunchtime when we got to Sausalito. We ate at a restaurant right on the water, our waiter was a huge fan of Australia and came down to surf at Fraser Island a few years ago.

Feeling satisfied by our delicious lunch we took a stroll through town just to enjoy the weather and soak up some of the relaxing atmosphere, then with adventure on mind again we took a bus to see this:

You might recognize it?
The view was breathtaking and just to be on the bridge was amazing.

I took lots of photos on my other camera, I was afraid my iPhone would get blown out of my hand!
After that we had a walk halfway across and back on the bridge and rushed back to get ready for our night at the movies!
The singalong was so much fun and the staff worked so hard to create a really festive atmosphere. There were people in costume, everyone got a show bag and the whole audience really got into the feeling of fun!

Then it was time for a late dinner.

Then off to bed, tomorrow shopping and exploring North Beach (little Italy).
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  1. Looks like you are "leaving your heart in San Francisco". I'm glad your movie went well, can you still talk? Love Mum xoxox

  2. Keep going back to the "Italian Connection" too lol Mum xoxox

  3. Hi Amy,

    I am so glad you have met someone to share the adventure with! Sounds amazing. Are you still heading to Berkeley at some time or has that been knocked off the itinerary? The food looks amazing too!!

    Lots of love xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I was thinking the same thing, too, Jess. Haha. I am so so so so so excited that you met someone to share your adventure's with, Amy. Your photos look so inviting, and I can't wait to see them all when you get home. Everyday I think of you over there, just thinking how amazing it must be lol. xxo

  5. Berkley got knocked off the schedule in favour of a wine tasting trip in a rented convertible! Lots of pics tomorrow! Love you all