Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day two:

Breakfast was taken after a long hot shower at the cafe Tintoretto.
My coffee was HUGE! I think the US sizes of coffee are definitely Amy sized for max caffeine power.

After breakfast I took a taxi to the outlet mall. I think I got sucked into some sort of vortex there but luckily I managed to escape pretty much unscathed and I can say the same for my credit card too.

Back at the Venetian I wandered around the shops at the Grand Canal and had a mid afternoon power snack from Godiva chocolate.

That my friends is a chocolate oyster (better than the fishy kind I think) with milk chocolate and a hazelnut ganache pearl. Definitely worthy of being a treasure from the sea.

Then I found this:

Which is where I ended up buying myself a birthday present!
Pictures to come!

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