Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waking up in San Francisco

I arrived last night to a grey and misty San Francisco and I was thankful that the driver dropped me off first. The lights strung in the window of the Red Victorian were a welcome sight to my tired eyes and ravenously hungry stomach. After becoming a acquainted with my charming little cottage like room (pre luggage dumping pictures on my camera) I headed out to find something to eat. The guy at the desk had recommended a particular restaurant but in my sub arctic blood sugar state I couldn't find it. However I did stumble across Whole Foods! I have never been in there before so I think it will require closer inspection before I leave. I had a massive salad and a huge tub of pineapple pieces before I fell into bed.

This morning San Francisco is still grey and rainy but it looks a lot friendlier with the morning light. I am currently sitting at one of the tables in the Peace World cafe enjoying some organic black coffee and about to have granola and yoghurt and a red delicious apple for breakfast before I head out on a museum filled day.

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  1. Sunday - Molly and Dad went for a wee walk - an hour later I went out in the car to find them. Dad had found the dog park and Molly had made a half dozen new friends and found an old one - a lady that had tended to her at the RSPCA - we now have obedience lessons in hand and friends to play with in the park on Sat. & Sun. mornings. woof woof slurp xoxox