Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thank God it's...Thursday?

Ah, Thursday, the day after hump-day, the day before the day before the weekend, for so long you have been defiant of classification amongst all the days, today you became the longest day of the week and I can't wait to go to bed tonight and wake up to a nice definable Friday.
Excuse my little whinge.
Today was extremely busy and it isn't over yet.
I woke up at the usual 4:45 this morning and was straight into the day with an hour long run containing 6 sprints, in keeping with my training for my first half marathon later this year.
Then it was off to work where my day was spent between meetings and paperwork and database problems. Then home, quick dinner:
Delicious and quick! Mix of half can of kidney beans, chopped yellow pear tomatoes, canned corn, sundried tomatoes and canned baby beets sprinkled liberally with some gorgeous walnut and cumin dukkah
Now I have about another 2 hours of work to do before I go to bed.
I am not complaining (much) but now that I look at it I know why every Friday afternoon feels like a birthday present!
Here's to the weekend, and hopefully a nice baking post (with recipes as I realise I have been lazy with these).


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