Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Sunday

First stop this morning was Starbucks, then the Glide Memorial church.
The church service was so great; there was a huge choir and the soloists were world class, I felt the connection with something inside me. I think there is massive power when that many people come together with the same need in their hearts.
After that it was time for breakfast, however after receiving bad directions I completely circumnavigated Sears. When I did stumble up the hill to the famed brunch institution there was a massive line up so I skipped waiting in the cold in favor of Starbucks (again) and their free wifi.

Although I'm a little disappointed at missing out on pancakes for breakfast I still have high tea at the Fairmont to look forward to this afternoon.
Until that engagement I am going to enjoy the shopping delights of Union Square and the massive Borders across the road!

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  1. I am on holidays too, yay!!!! I bet High Tea was awesome!!!! love Mum (oh! Yeah! everybody else too) xoxoxox