Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning to Balance

Today I woke up to this:

Even though seeing this meant that I was up before most of the neighbourhood I felt so blessed to be able to witness the glory of nature before the noise and stress of the world started. These are the moments that carry us through the rest of of the day and bring us the quiet that we need to remember when the white noise of our daily schedules becomes a roaring tide.

Today I also learnt a lesson in balance. I admit that this is somewhat of a daily battle for me as I may not be a perfectionist in many areas but when it comes to my fitness and healthy eating I struggle to give myself some slack sometimes. This afternoon I was very excited to attend a boxing class, I felt the need for some change as I am currently about to start training for a half marathon and have been running as my main form of exercise for quite some time. The class was fantastic! I felt really released at the end of it, all my frustration from the day had melted away. I then headed to the treadmill to go for a run, but I knew five minutes in that I didn't have the energy left for my usual run so I opted to turn off the machine and go home for dinner. In the past I would have been so disappointed in myself for not pushing through and doing the run. Today I gave myself permission to go home and be proud of the class I had finished and to know that I will go running again tomorrow, to celebrate the fact that I had exercised and enjoyed it and to remember that life is all about the balance between rest and action.

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