Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dinner and running updates

Hello my lovelies,
Well today has been epic. This morning I arose with the sun and after prying myself out of the sheet-nest I had made in my bed I made my way to the gym for a speed session on the treadmill.
It was excellent!
I was so happy that I managed to finish it, after my two 12km efforts this week already, I couldn't help but walk out of the gym feeling that St. Patrick's Day had gotten off to a very good start.
I worked a very long day today and in my break between daytime and nighttime patients I managed to rustle up some appropriately hued dinner.

Meet the Uber Easy Uber Green Brown Rice salad. The easiest thing I have ever made.
Leftover brown rice combined with some quickly microwaved broccoli and peas. I threw in some baby spinach at the last minute for an iron boost and dressed the whole lot with some hummus and gorgeous dukkah that my friend Jenny made me.
Yummy and just what I needed to fuel me through some counselling calls.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. My first Freaky Fact Friday! Inspired by this sweetheart.

Night night,

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