Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day four: in transit

Confession #1: this morning I slept in and only woke up when the lovely housekeeper knocked on the door at 8:30.
Confession #2: I don't feel guilty about not going to the gym because I feel so relaxed now.

After checking out and saddling some poor burly bellman with my luggage I wound up at the Grand Cafe Lux for breakfast.

I ordered the granola with fruit and a caffe Americano. This is seriously the biggest bowl of granola I have ever seen.

I think my waiter Ben found it quite amusing that I asked for another bowl so I could just take a little at a time. The granola was so crunchy and even had my favorite - cranberries in it! There must have been some sort of cinnamon coating too -- crunchy crunchy deliciousness!

Now I'm off to find some industrial strength band aids and wait for my limo.

Update: trying to post this from the Las Vegas airport as my plane has now been delayed due to mechanical difficulties. I am however enjoying another coffee and listening to the man next to me talking about college basketball. If I knew anything about basketball it might be even better.
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  1. Take after your Mother - who doesn't like soggy cereals. Hope you found your bandaids. Love from everyone at home. xoxox