Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High Societea

The Fairmont is located in the aerie like suburb of Nob Hill, getting here is a cardiovascular workout in itself, but everything about it is certainly worth the climb. As I sit here sipping the specially blended Fairmont tea and nibbling on scones with jazz music playing softly in the background I forget that it is cold outside and that it is about a 45 minute walk back to my hippie hotel.

The family dining opposite from me has three little girls and it takes me back to the early days of Jess and I enjoying tea and scones with Mum and Dad on Sundays; getting the table dressed and enjoying every sweet bite of afternoon tea.

This is the platter that the waiter presented to me:

I think my favorites were:

(this one had a berry jam inside under the chocolate ganache!)

Everything was lovely and perfect, however nothing beats my Mum's scones.

There are so many pretty houses in San Francisco and it's nice to see that the owners have taken pleasure in painting them a rainbow of colors. This was one of my favorites.

It kind of matched these little pretties that I saw at Whole Foods last night.

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  1. Haven't had breakfast yet ..now I'm not looking forward to my Just Right. I'll have the scones ready for you when you finish your adventure. Love Mum xoxox