Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Baking Sunday and Sweet Strawberry Galette

Amy come and play...
I heard the voice calling me as I lay awake in my bed on Sunday morning. don't need to sleep any more...come and play with us....
In my dream like state I wandered out of my bedroom and found the source of the saccharin siren's song.
My kitchen.
In all it's empty Sunday morning glory, ingredients in the fridge and a stack of bookmarked cookbooks on the bench it was like I had landed in the middle of my very own Disneyland.
So I rolled up my sleeves, put my apron on, grabbed my spoon and cosied up with my stove to have some Sunday fun.

First of all, there were the 'Black-bottomed Cupcakes' from 'The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook'. These disappeared to Mum's work this morning and I hope the girls and guys enjoyed the creamy cheesecake topping with a dense brownie base. I might have to make a batch especially for the household sometime soon.

That's right, a brownie base with chocolate chip cheesecake on top.
Bake with sighs of pleasure...
Martha Stewart called out to me next from the bookshelf and amid the pages of her 'Cookies' book I stumbled across 'Marbled Coconut Brownies'. The recipe can actually also be found on line as well.
Not tempted to follow the link?
Let me share some photos with you...

Sunday mornings don't get any better than this.

Whisk it all with love...

So pretty going into the oven. Coconut swirls and dense chocolate.

Even prettier coming out of the oven. This smelt like heaven.

The crackles on top are the best part. Welcome to brownie mountain.
Did you manage to read to the end of the post or have I already lost most of you?

Thank you for rejoining me!
After all this baking for others (the brownies went to Dad's work) I decided that we needed something chickpea friendly for dessert. As I shared on Friday we recently discovered a strawberry farm a very reasonable proximity from our house. We made the required pit stop there on Saturday after the farmer's market and so I had some lovely fresh ruby berries to play around with!
I decided on a galette as it truly showcases the amazing toppings and allows the natural beauty and sweetness of the berries to come through.
Before baking.
I doubled the recipe for the galette crust from  this recipe by La Tartine Gourmande. I had never baked with millet flour before and whilst the dough was a little bitter before baking when it was coupled with the sweet strawberries and baked it provided a lovely backdrop contrast to the fruit.
I just gently combined the sliced strawberries (about 500g) with three tablespoons of caster sugar and about two tablespoons of cornflour (to thicken the juices) before arranging them on top of the base.
Emerging from the oven.
Just a slice of heaven...
Unfortunately after this it disappeared quite quickly so there are no pretty plated up photos. All I can say is that not even the crusts were safe.
Case in point, the little chickpea, my sister Jess.
Should it be pastry then ice cream, or ice cream and then pastry?
Decisions, decisions....

How about both at the same time!!
Happy little chickpea!
Two more happy chickpeas! Casey and I in the kitchen pre- galette apocalypse
So that was my sweet Sunday. A beautiful way to end the week!

Also an update on Molly my beloved special athlete.
After a few weeks of recuperation, a lot of well wishes from all my blog friends, plenty of smooches from Dad and a steady diet of banana bread and honey on toast....
Well, you can see for yourself! Good as new!

Oh Amy, come on one more muffin, please....
I hope you all had a sweet Sunday too!


  1. you had my mouth watering with those pics!!!! yum! your sweet Molly is gorgeous! so glad to hear how well she is doing :)

  2. Mmmm that strawberry galette looks SO good! Great job.

  3. That dog is SO SO SO cute!!! Those strawberries look so pretty I would be afraid to eat it! Haha.

    Get Up & Go

  4. Oooooh seriously you are making me hungry! They alll look so good! I would be 300 pounds if I could bake like that!

    your dog is also adorable!