Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Think That We May Have a Little Problem....

I can only thank the stars that this didn't occur before the half marathon. It seems that somehow I have picked up a little injury. My heel became painful last week after an awesome run and I didn't pay it much attention until I had to abandon my Friday run due to what felt like someone driving a stake through the back of my foot.
Solution, rest over the weekend and get back into things on Monday.
Or so I thought.
Monday's run was wonderful! 7km of uninterrupted tempo pace with a wonderful soundtrack and a stupid grin plastered on my face thinking all was right in the world of Amy again.
Not to be.
Today I stepped up to the treadmill and made it through precisely 18 minutes before the same invisible person decided to get to work on my heel again.
Not happy.
However, I am incredibly lucky to have gotten away injury free for such a long time. I am taking the steps towards recovering and will be talking to my doctor about whether my Brisbane Times 10km in two weeks time is actually a reasonable goal.
For now I am taking this as an opportunity to work on my cross training which is something that I am very poor at remembering to incorporate in my usual program.
I am still incredibly lucky that I can exercise; I can still find pleasure in movement in another fashion. I still have a body that is capable of cycling, swimming and ellipticising (is that even a word?) but more importantly I have a body that is capable of hugging, kissing, baking, lifting, and loving. So even though there is a minor snafu in my running plans at the moment I am still so lucky in so many ways.


  1. such a positive post and a reminder that our bodies are capable of so much! hope your foot heals quickly!

  2. I have had this same pain!!!! Your calves might be really tight!!! Try a topical treatment on your heel like Arnica and do some serious Downward Dog- for real!!! It saved my life!!!

  3. Ah, I hope the injury goes away quick! I hate how the smallest thing can sideline us!! But you're doing a great job staying positive about it!!!

  4. LOVE the attitude!! Our bodies are so awesome and so capable of incredible things...including healing!! I hope you foot gets better soon. In the meantime do all those other wonderful things you can do!!!