Sunday, July 10, 2011

Melbourne - Pictorial Pleasure

Warning! This post contains many, many photos. I promise that I have tried to downsize the number of images that I am sharing here, however whenever I travel I want to try and capture the feeling of a moment so that I can remember at a later date. Perhaps it is the thrill of discovery, or the comfort of rounding a corner to a familiar and loved spot that is already full of memories, or maybe just attempting to trap the beauty that can be found when you just stop to actually look where you are rather than just rushing past.
The beauty is in the journey, not just in the destination.

Introducing Melbourne:
The view from our hotel room

I'll take the top floor apartment thanks!

The Royal Exhibition Building

Maybe I'll take this apartment instead. I love the modern aesthetic and different textures.

The famous Melbourne trams. Nice, but I'd rather walk

The marina at St. Kilda - great part of Melbourne. Fantastic breakfast at Phamish.

Views of the city from Southbank precinct.

Restaurant under the bridge - on my list for next time

Old beauty and new beauty - St. Paul's Cathedral and Federation Square

More beauty - Jess and Mama Chickpea

Pretty lights inside the casino

One of the many arcades in Melbourne - shops and chocolate abound!

Street scape
Some food (more to come in following posts)

Local butter. Big slabs of creamy yellow buttery deliciousness.

Mangosteens. I've never tasted these. Probably nothing like mangos though.

Delicious breakfast number one from Kinfolk cafe - creamy oatmeal
with yoghurt and poached pear and rhubarb. So perfect.

Cupcakes at David Jones Food Hall.
Visual sugar coma.

 So there you have some of the highlights of Melbourne. There are more food pictures to come as Mum was in charge of digital caloric capture. I was far too busy enjoying the capture of calories in my mouth. There was not a bad meal, never a dull moment and I feel so lucky to have enjoyed a wonderful holiday with two of my best friends. We have never shared a holiday like this before and I hope we get a chance to repeat it very soon. Thank you ladies for your company, your assistance with doing a bit of damage to my credit card and for being two of the most beautiful people I have the pleasure of knowing.
Let's go somewhere warm next time though...


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful holiday - I love Melbourne - so much to see and do and eat! I think you three made the best of it. Tell your mum she looks fantastic!!

  2. Looks like there's lots to see, do and eat. That, to me, makes a wonderful vacation spot. I hope to visit one day.
    *kisses* HH

  3. so stunning!!! i'm glad u had such an amazing time and can't wait for u to unload all the food pix...those cupcakes are screaming my name! :)