Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look to the Horizon

Today I had this nagging sensation the whole day that I was running about two steps behind. Possibly because I slept in, got to work just on time, had breakfast at lunchtime, ate lunch standing at my desk and then decided to throw the towel in on work early just to get out of there.
On the way back to my car as I strolled through the gorgeous midwinter afternoon with it's sharp crystal blue sky I remembered the way out of the stress hole that I was digging myself.
Just breathe.
Just breathe and take a step back and remember to live in the moment you are in, not the one before, not the one that comes next.
Just right here.
There is nothing you can do about what has already passed, the future will come even if you shout stop; all you can control, all you can enjoy is what is in the present. So live there wholly.
Then I looked up at the horizon and saw the most beautiful cloud formation.
Whorls of pure white against a cornflower sky.

Not affected by whatever might be happening in the lives of the people who scurry past buried in their stress who forget to simply breathe, and look to the horizon.
So the next time you are headed straight for the storm of moments passing by too quickly and things going out of your control - take a look at the sky and just breathe.
And sigh and smile.


  1. such the BEST reminder ever. I can relate to this so much because I literally FORGET to breathe when I am stressed...yeah that is definitely not good. Love this and the picture is amazing!

  2. You amazing chick... You rock! I just tagged you in an Amazing Blogger Award, only to realize Christina @ the Athletarian tagged you in a second one!!!!! You are on FIRE, girl! Take that for running two steps behind! :)

  3. remembering to smile is a big one for picks up my mood and also when i see someone else smile it can do the trick to. it's kinda weird how the little things, like smiling and waving to even a random stranger can perk u up; like just the little connection of humanity. as a person who is perpetually 5 minutes behind anything and everything, thanks for this great post because sometimes we forget to breath and enjoy the view! :)

  4. You have a great way of calming my nerves :) Thanks for the reminder!