Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming to You Live from Melbourne!

Thank you everyone for all your congratulations and the wonderful comments on my last post.
I really enjoyed the half marathon and now I'm thinking of signing up for another one in October!
This morning my Mum and sister and I woke up early (3 a.m) again, this time to go to the airport and catch a flight to Melbourne.
Talk about a reward for crossing the finish line yesterday.
Today we took it pretty easy and just shopped the day away. Tomorrow we will be engaging in more cultural pursuits; checking out the local markets and seeing the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. I am really excited to see this as I am a massive ancient history nerd.
Now off to find some dinner, hopefully it will involve gelati!

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  1. how fun! perfect way to celebrate!! can't wait to hear your upcoming racing plans ;)