Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Two: King Tut and Italian Delights

Here we are on the evening of our second day in Melbourne!
Today Mum, Jess and I braved the cold and headed up to the Queen Victoria Markets and were rewarded with fantastic coffee and beautiful fruit toast. The food halls are always my favourite part and there were so many delicious cheeses and antipasti (think mascarpone stuffed figs and apricots - yummy!), was a little too early for that though so I made do with some wonderful Greek yoghurt and muesli.
Then we headed to Lygon St., which is the Italian district, lined with restaurants, each offering a bounty of fresh and flavoursome food. I discovered a great spice shop which yielded some amazing flavours of salt and sugar to experiment with when I return to my home kitchen.
We had lunch at a wonderful family run Italian restaurant where we were the willing audience to some talented pizza tossing. The risotto con funghi was amazing too.
Then we headed to the museum and saw the Tutankhamun exhibit which was breathtaking. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of seeing something that truly is timeless, 3500 year old artifacts remind you how brief our time is here and how much we all want to be remembered when we are gone. Art is eternal culture. Looking at the pieces left behind by these people causes me to think about what I would like to leave behind, what would the pieces of my life cause people to think about how I lived, how I loved when I am no longer here?
Dinner was a quiet affair (more chocolate was involved) and tomorow we are off to breakfast at one of my favourite restaurants and to high tea for Mum's belated birthday surprise!


  1. your trip sounds absolutely amazing!! i am jealous but am enjoying living vicariously through your posts :)

  2. Hi there. I am stopping over from Julia's blog. Congratulations on your first half marathon. I loved reading your race recap. I just finished my first half a month ago and I think we can both agree that it was such an exhilarating experience. I am so happy for you!!

    I am your newest follower and friend it that's okay with you!! I hope you have a wonderful trip!!