Friday, April 1, 2011

Last minute explorations

I wandered down Haight street this morning with mixed feelings; happy to be heading to LA but sad to be leaving San Francisco, I always find that I miss something when I am here. To take my mind off all that over thinking I went to see a therapist of the best kind: a lovely Chinese American manicurist.
After shot:

My hands look really wrinkly there, I assure you they aren't.
Feeling oh so pretty in pink polish I continued walking until I made it to City Hall. So pretty, there was a couple in the lobby waiting to get married too!

Considering I had the saddest little salad for dinner last night I was super hungry for lunch today. I spotted Cafe International and ordered the Middle Eastern plate aka heaven.

I hiked back up Haight st and browsed the vintage stores.

I also admired the street art as I walked back from Whole Foods with an early dinner (anything to avoid airport food).

Now I'm enjoying some coffee and waiting for my shuttle to the airport.

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  1. Awesome photos and you look great, get some sleep on the trip soyou can really enjoy the first adventure in your new location. Nighty night. Love Mum xoxoxox

  2. Yaaaay! A manicure! Mission complete....