Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have had a craving for more Japanese food after my great time in Little Tokyo the other day. I noticed on my walk back from the train station that there was this great little place called Kina sushi.
I ended up with the vegetarian bibimap (Korean), it came out on this awesome hot plate!

This morning I went for a 12km run through Hollywood and West Hollywood and ended up at Mel's again even though I tried to go somewhere else.
I has granola and yoghurt.

Note the massive bowl of granola in the background again. Today I was really hungry so I asked for more yoghurt so I could finish it off!
Ben is picking me up in about 30min and we are heading out to Malibu so that should be lots of fun! Tomorrow I head to San Diego for two nights, of course I splurged and got the business class seat.
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  1. Back to work and Daddy has a car 2006 black Corolla hatch, I just caught your postings from yesterday - nobody shares around here. So I'm hitting the shower and have a great day. Love Mum xoxox

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun to be had :) Have a wonderful day, Sweetie xxo

  3. I want to see a photo of Ben! Have a great day! Xxoo

  4. Haha, Jess. I thought that same thing. Lol

  5. Ame, who is Ben? I feel like I have missed something here? When did you meet him? What does he do? How old is he? Where's he from? What's he like, etc?

    Miss you bunny, can't wait till you come home. I am already planning your homecoming dinner and the dessert is AMAZING!!! secret squirrels though, I can't tell you...xxxooo