Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Delivery for Amy!

I came back to my dorm room and found this:

At the front counter I found this:

Attached to this:

Inside was this:

Ben is such a sweetheart.
Don't worry I only ate one, I shared the rest with the other inmates of the hostel!

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  1. Ohhh thats soooooo cute :) xxo

  2. Candy, candy! Woot woot! They look delicious. Also, just a random fact, on the 2 HOUR bus ride home (I do not exaggerate) they were playing a song that goes a little something like this.. "my baby takes the morning train, he works from nine to five and then, he takes another home instead to find me waiting for him" Ah, Euro trip. Anyhoo, everything is amazing, super jealous, no need to say any more. Oh and I have an exam tomorrow. So really not impressed with your gallivanting around right now.

    Just kidding. Love you muchly xoxoxooxxoxoox