Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Back!

I must admit that I fell off the writing wagon for a few days (I have been informed that it has been 8 days actually) but I confess no guilt over this, I was having a brilliant time and I simply couldn't anchor myself on the earth long enough to communicate. I am sorry and we will now return to our scheduled programming.
Tomorrow I will start a three part series detailing the Top Ten Chic Chickpea Encouraged Experiences in each of the three cities I visited on my wonderful holiday. This is also an opportunity for me to stave off post-holiday depression by looking at photos and reminiscing about my adventures.
Today I will share some photos of the best layover I have ever had; I was blessed with a great travel buddy, beautiful weather and enough time to escape the airport for a little while on the way to Las Vegas. Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean from the edge of a private island and then dining right on the beach was an amazing beginning to my epic adventure and provided an instant paradigm shift from airport stress to holiday bliss.

I hope you enjoy these photos and I'll be back tomorrow with the first Top Ten installment.


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