Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exploring Japan town

I meant to go to the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA and I also meant together to Our Lady of Angels cathedral. However I spent about an hour and a half browsing the Japanese bookstore and then I discovered Tokyo mall in Little Tokyo and the amazing amount of stores carrying myriad Hello Kitty paraphernalia and before I knew it there was only time left to have dinner (Japanese again - yum) and get to the stadium for the game.

Check out these erasers, you can get them in nearly every shape imaginable.

I must also confess it was difficult for me to abstain from purchasing a thousand different Hello Kitty things, there is a little girl inside me who still loves the cat with the pink bow in her hair.

I had an early dinner at a little restaurant called Joy Mart; warm salad (stir fried vegetables) and an avocado hand roll.

Then it was off to Union Station to board the Dodgers express!

Union Station is actually quite beautiful in it's own right with art deco detailing. Despite being a nerve centre for travel in one of the biggest cities in the world it has retained some of the old fashioned romance of travel.

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  1. Just remember your luggage restraints before you over stock on a pretty little kitty. xoxoox Mum