Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amazing Malibu

Yesterday my private tour guide Ben drove me down to Malibu and we spent the most amazing day walking on the beach and over the cliffs.
There are so many amazing homes there, I was definitely scoping out the real estate!
We had lunch at a little cafe that serves organic, California cuisine and my roasted vegetable salad was outstanding.
The afternoon was spent meandering over the beach and watching the tide roll in on the stunning coast line.
Dinner was a picnic in Ben's apartment (which he shares with two of the cutest dogs I have ever seen - Little Dude, or L.D. for short and the gorgeous Jasmine).
We watched Casablanca which I can't believe has not been part of my life yet!
So here's looking at you kid(s) Ben and I are driving down to San Diego to visit Balboa Park and his grandparents who live there!
Love. Amy.

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  1. So,Barbie,how is Malibu? I hope you have photos to back up the claims of the "cutest Little dogs". Love Mum xoxox