Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chic chickpea at Dodger Stadium

It is a sea of blue shirts, caps and giant foam fingers here tonight. I know I definitely don't look like the typical baseball fan and indeed I am not the biggest fan of spectator sport in general but the spirit around here is kind of catching!

Let's see how the showdown between the Giants and the Dodgers goes!

Okay so after two innings I can definitely say that I find AFL much more exciting. Now, no offense to the millions of baseball fans out there but honestly this isn't my type of sport. Lots of waiting, I'd compare it to the American version of cricket in fact.
I'm going to head back to my cozy room and eat cranberries and finish my book. Good luck Dodgers and Giants, may the best team win; I'll keep the Lions, Saints and Magpies any day!
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  1. That stadium is huge!!! And Trent will be glad to know you have stayed true to AFL. The yanks have got nothin' on us!

    BTW - Brownie had his face smashed in (he ate dirt), Staker ruptured his ACL and Clark managed to make his face bleed all in the one game last week. Nightmare! I am distraught to say the least

    Love you xoxoxoxo

  2. Dad and I went out today and drove from here to caboolture and bck to Mt Gravatt and trhen out to Boonah (yes I said Boonah!!) in search of the perfect Corolla. We found it in Blackwood Rd Logan Central (yes I did say Loagn Central - might I add that I suggested that he start close to home and work his way out but NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! we did it his way.So I am tired but happy and so is he. Mum xoxo

  3. Oh! Enjoy your cranberries and book I am having a nana nap. xoxoxo Mum

  4. Im so excited you went, even if you didn't stay long :) xxo