Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Planning for another wonderful year!

Here we are four days into the new year. Seems pretty promising to me so far.
Then again, success over the past four days has been measured in getting some physical activity in, eating salad for lunch and trying to curb my holiday season chocolate hangover cravings.
While I don't necessarily believe in putting off change until a specific date turns over, every minute really is a chance to start living an authentic life in my mind, the first week of January is usually a quiet reflective time to mull over what has occurred in the previous twelve months. A time to assess where your journey is taking you, and whether you want your course to continue in that direction or whether you have different dreams.
Last year I had certain circumstances that changed my dreams for the future, and then again at the end of the year those dreams changed again when I found myself having to reassess where I was headed the choices I had made based on that old situation.

When the clock hit midnight on New Years Eve I realised that the vision I had made for myself for 2012 was no longer relevant. Cue a little bit of sadness and some mild panic. I am a girl who likes to have a list, at least a vague map of my terrain so that I can enjoy my journey.
I love getting lost when I go on holidays, adventure feeds a deep part of my soul; however I do like to have an idea of what I am doing with these precious days of my life.
Therefore I have decided on some goals, dreams and changes for 2012, and I thought I would share them with all of you.

Amy's Goals for 2012:

  1. Complete my Graduate Diploma in Writing, Editing and Publishing.
    • As mentioned in this post I am going back to university this year. The plan has changed slightly and I am now taking a year long course that will get me closer to my dream of working in the world of the written word.
  2. Submit at least two articles to magazines, websites or newspapers.
  1. Run at least six races.
    • I was planning on doing two half marathons but as I am going back to university full time for the year and also working part time I have decided to concentrate on the shorter distances this year. But aim to run them super fast! (Well, faster than I do right now...)
    • Here they are so far:
      • March - 5km International Women's Day Fun Run
      • March - 10km Twilight Run (run just on dark, not because of vampires)
      • May - 8km Mother's Day Classic
      • July - 10km Gold Coast
      • August - Brisbane Running Festival 10km
      • September - 10km Bridge to Brisbane
  2. Add more strength training and cross training to my schedule.
    • Aim for two strength training sessions per week
    • Try to add swimming and a gym class every week to vary my routine and decrease boredom. 

Fun Stuff:
  1. Make the perfect pie crust
  2. Learn to sew and make myself something to wear
  3. Grow my own tomatoes
  4. Read one 'fun' book per month, that is, something that isn't on my syllabus for university
  5. Spend a whole weekend at the beach
  6. Knit a scarf
So there you have my goals for 2012, some planning is required to make them successful (for example, asking Mum to teach me how to use a sewing machine!) but these are achievements that I hope I can check off my list through the year, and look back on in another twelve months time. I am sure there will be many other adventures over the next 362 days and I look forward to what the universe sends me, and sharing those unexpected rainbows with you all as well.
Mostly what I wish for this year is just as much happiness as I had in 2011 and as much precious time with my family and friends as possible.
What are your plans or wishes for 2012?


  1. So wonderful that you will be getting your degree this year. Call me when you spend the weekend at the beach.... I could use one! ha ha
    Loved your comment on my blog about the tea cups at Disney. :)

  2. so excited for you in all your goals! sounds like some great races planned and i know you will do so amazingly in University!

  3. My goals are:
    1. To finish a quilt for certain "sister of the heart" of my little chickpea.
    2. Apparently to teach both my daughters to sew -and maybe to IRON as this is essential to well finished garments.
    3. To give support to my family in all their endeavours.

    Love Mumma Chickpea.

  4. awesome goals amy and i can't wait for u to check each and every one of them off!! :)

    i'm excited for ur magazine articles...if i may ask, which kind of genre are u thinking??

    as for the running, u are smart and being that u're uber busy don't stress on the distance of any one event but just enjoying the runs and accomplishing the goals! as for the strength, i do it RIGHT after i run because otherwise i'll never be motivated enough to do it later in the day...haha.

    when u perfect that pie crust...send me one in EVERY imaginable variety...purdy please. :)

  5. Oh, i LOVE all your goals! I'm so excited to see your race schedule and what you make with that PERFECT pie crust!!!

  6. Wow! Great goals! Mine is simple...stay home more!

  7. This is a fabulous list of things to try for 2012. I especially love the one to submit a couple articles to magazines or online publications. Such a great way to get your name out there!

  8. Awesome list of goals! I just started to include strength training and look forward to seeing how it makes a difference in my overall muscular tone and more importantly, my training/racing. is my new book addiction. Super easy to use for tracking a book wish list and finding new book recommendations. I don't know how you feel about audiobooks but it was my ONLY way during a hectic schedule with a long commute to find time for reading. I love them and my library has a convenient free download system where I can listen to them on my iPhone.

    Sewing is a lot of fun and rewarding because you have a final product that is usable or wearable. Do you have a machine? I have a basic Singer and love need to go overboard with the machines that have all the bells and whistles. is a super cute blog that has some fabulous tutorials to get you started. She sews a lot for her kids (which I don't have any) but I always love looking at her stuff.

    Good luck with your 2012 goals!