Friday, November 18, 2011

I've Been Keeping a Secret

I can be secretive sometimes.
Greedy sometimes.
I like to hoard secrets occasionally and wait for exactly the right time to revel in their lip-smackingly delicious delivery.
Note: I also do this sometimes with the last piece of chocolate cake.
So, here it is. The secret that I have been keeping for the past two weeks (unfortunately there isn't any buttercream involved).
After a two year break, and swearing that I would probably never go back to school after 18 years of formal education; I, Amy, being of (questionably) sound mind and (for the most part) sound body, am going back to university! (again...)
Next year in February I will once again return to the hallowed halls of my alma mater (in reality a sprawling modern campus with an 'urban village' centre) and crack open the books (or laptop as it were) in an attempt to utilise my grey matter.
I will be completing a post graduate course in professional communication, focusing mainly on writing and editing.

I want to take the body of knowledge I have from my background in health, my innate sense curiosity for the world, and my enjoyment of learning and use that to tell the world about things. To bring knowledge, and information, and entertainment to people by writing.
I want to give voice to the parts of my soul that sing of how extraordinary this world is. I want to investigate the corners of my mind that create characters who follow me around begging for their stories to be written.
I want to use the written word to enchant, amaze, comfort, empower, soothe, and inspire others.
I want to be a writer.

Now you know my secret...


  1. eeeeeekkkk!!!! how incredibly exciting! love this! and am so happy and excited for you! what a great new adventure this will be :)

  2. Fabulous...a writer you already are, can't wait to read on!

  3. Ah girl, I love your writing! This is perfect for you!!! Congrats on jumping back in!!

  4. yay!!! congrats! I'm sure this with be an adventure!!

  5. can i get a HU-RAH!!!! ummm, u are already a writer my dear, but i can't wait for u to take it to the university and make it all official-like...hehe. :)

    i already told u that u had better be selling ur works or i'd come down there and make u...thanks for sharing ur secret!! buuuut, the next one better come with loads of frosting...just sayin. hehe. :)

  6. Hello! Could you please post the recipie for the Christmas rolls? (the tortilla wraps with all the yummy stuff inside!)

    I'm having a wee gathering on Sat that I'd love to make these!

    Please contact me:)