Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Greatest of These is Love

Saturday the 21st of January 2012 is now a date marked eternally in our family calendar.
Last Saturday, my little sister Jessica wed her darling Trent in a beautiful and heart touching ceremony. Every moment of which I am hoping to lock away in a special place in my memory only meant for pretty happy things; moments that are the sunshine of our lives.

Disclaimer: this post contains a lot of visual media. I would apologise, but it is a wedding folks!

The day started out with all the girls gathering at our family home to get primped, preened and prepared for the special day ahead.
At the breakfast table

Sam plays supermodel, hair and make up all at once!

There we all are! Just need some dresses now.
(from left to right, back row and then front) Mama Chickpea, Dada, Casey Tara,
Jasmine, Maddy, Sam, Jess, Grace and Me!
Casey and Jess love
After we were all beautified (and the poor make up lady had touched me up twice because I couldn't stop have little weeping fits) it was time to get all dressed up and get some photos taken!
Mama Chickpea and my gorgeous cousin Grace

Dada, Jess and Mama. The proud and the pretty.

Isn't she lovely.

Girls on film.
Snack time! Even the bride needs calories!
I can't wait to see the professional shots that the photographer captured. Jessica was absolutely radiant and Mum and Dad were so proud of their beautiful daughter, on this most special of days.
After the special shots we were off to the chapel, to watch her get married!
Daddy's little girl, on her way to be Trent's wife.

Promising forever, and whatever comes after.

For these smiles alone, I would do this every weekend.
The ceremony was absolutely perfect. Jessica and Trent wrote their own vows and professed their love in ways that meant the most to them. What was most important is that they promised to love and care for each other forever, and to care and nurture the love that has grown between them.
Mum made a reading from 1 Corinthians  and I was given the honour of reading the 'Blessing of the Apaches' during the ceremony. Both speak of love, a love everlasting and that is what I wish for my sister and brother-in-law; a love beyond what is definable, beyond reason, beyond doubt, beyond time.
The happy couple
After the ceremony, and some more photos, it was time to dance the night away! We all made good use of the photo booth, jukebox and lolly bar and the delicious food at The Brisbane Golf Club.

Young vegetable salad with beetroot jelly and hazelnut dressing

Double tomato risotto with English spinach, parmesan crisps and chive foam 

My menu, bouquet and gift (a lolly jar to fill up at the lolly bar and take home!)
The lolly bar! This was obviously popular!
After dinner, dancing and dessert it was time for speeches. As Maid of Honour it was my special privilege to send my well wishes to the couple with a few words. However, when it comes to my sister my usually verbose nature fails me, and so all I could come up with was a poem which I would like to share with you now.

The Bridesmaid's Tears by Amy Chatwin

She knew he would come along someday the man who could change it all
Come along and take her away and she was ready for the fall
And then there he was with his quiet smile and the ocean in his eyes
They took a leap and gave their hearts, young love and one life

Take his hand tonight, let him lead you across the floor
Now you'll dance into forever and you'll never want for more
When there's just the two of you, you have the world and stars beyond
Now two hearts share one beat there's no question where you belong

Every look is a photograph, every touch a story to replay
Hours turn to eternity when you just live for the day
Love as if there is a tomorrow, but live right here and now
Exhaust all the joy of the present by the time your future comes around

You are each other's somewhere over the rainbow
Tonight is your once upon a time
Step into the happily ever after
Have faith in your love and together you will fly

Now the happy couple are in New Zealand enjoying a well earned break. See you soon Mr and Mrs B.

All my love, the chickpea.


  1. As usual Amy you covered it all,the day was perfect in every way. Mama Chickpea xoxox

  2. What a beautiful wedding!!!! Congrats to your sister; everything looks lovely!

  3. gorgeous photos! delicious eats! and a memorable day for sure! congrats to your sister!

  4. What a beautiful wedding!! I love the photos. Your sister was a STUNNING bride. Thanks for sharing!

  5. GORGEOUS!!! i'm soooo happy for u and ur sis!! oh my gosh, so much to say: first DO NOT even apologize about overuse of media...uh, i would be mad if u didn't post tons of pix!! gotta say that one of my top pix is ur sis with the m&m's...hehe. :) oh, and she is just way too stunning for words!! that brings me to YOUR words...and that poem is just amazing, i kno it means so much to ur sister. :) it looks like u all had a wonderful time, please offer my congrats to ur sis!! :) thanks for sharing!!!