Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of January Update on My New Year's Goals

Today ends the first month of this year, can you believe that it is already over!
I struggle with accepting the passage of time, however even I cannot argue with the calendar as it ticks over to the second month of the year. It is an opportune moment to reflect on how I am going towards achieving the goals that I have set for myself in 2012, and insert some pretty pictures of the gardenias I was pleasantly surprised to see had survived our recent stream of daily down pours.

University has yet to commence for the year, I have bought some of my textbooks though and swapped the big comfy couch in my room for a small desk and wooden chair so I feel that I am readying my space for study, as well as my mind.
I have yet to submit any articles to health, fitness, food or lifestyle magazines but I will do better to look for these opportunities.
In preparation for going back to university my workplace has dropped me down to two days per week. At the moment these days are being filled with domestic duties, but I am eager for study to start as I feel a little anxious when I don't have something to do! My garden and mastering the art of the yeasted bread are going to fill some of the remaining weeks though.

The first race for this year isn't until March but I have already gathered my girls (it is the International Women's Day Run after all!) and Jess will be running with me, and Mum will be walking (with Dad, our honorary girl...).
I have been getting into a better routine with my fitness and I have taken some of the pressure off myself. Last week I managed three runs, this week I hope to do the same and then step it up. I am trying a more balanced approach and have started incorporating some yoga, circuit training DVDs (I am a Jillian Michaels junkie, no apologies - she makes my least favourite activity, strength, get over and done with in 20 minutes), and soon to start CrossFit style class at my gym. I am trying this for the first time tomorrow so we'll see how I go and whether I will be able to type tomorrow night...
Last year I spent so much time on the treadmill that I started to resent it. I didn't want to keep pounding away and staring at an orange wall, I took a step back and just started walking at an incline, and now when I am hungry to start running again I am slowly getting back to it. I just need to be mindful to nourish my body and mind with exercise rather than being strict and punishing with it.

Fun Stuff:
I bought some beautiful 'beefsteak' tomato plants to go in my garden, accompanied by heirloom beets (they are striped white and red inside!), yellow bell peppers and some sage and oregano. This week my 'weed patch' shall begin its transformation into a mini Eden.
Mum and I also attacked the fabric store and came out with patterns and fabric for several outfits. Yet to put needle to material as yet, but I am prepared now!
Oh and pie crust! That could be my mission until I go back to uni!! Wonder if I'll be able to find taste testers?
Any favourite pies out there, I am willing to take suggestions


  1. Those photographs are stunning. Love the white flowers. I hate exercise. I resent my treadmill even when I don't get on it... it's a constant reminder of my being unmotivated. Maybe I'll start easing into exercise again with yoga. xo

    1. Start to nourish yourself with exercise rather than punish yourself. I find it leads to me sticking with things longer than if I am trying to be my own nasty personal trainer. Yoga is like dancing with yourself, give it a try, I hope it works.

  2. At the farmer's market I am a sucker for anything labeled heirloom.

  3. PICK ME for taste testing!! haha! it sounds like you are actively pursuing your goals which is AWESOME! you are an inspiration to me for that reason...i feel like you post your goals and go after them with a purpose!

  4. I want to taste test! I love key lime pie...so if you can figure out how to make it and send it to the US I'd be forever indebted to you! hehe!

    And it sounds like you're doing great with your goals for this year! I hear you about Jillian Michaels; you love to hate her, you know?

  5. Sounds like you're on a good path for accomplishing your goals. Way to go! Good luck with the pie too.

  6. dang, only one month down and u're blazing along well!! :) u DEF don't want to resent ur workouts, so i'm so glad u're mixing it up to save the passion. and honestly weight/strength work will really help u...and GOOD job with the added stretching, i should follow suit. :P

    yay...i want to see some of these new outfits!! and keep it up with the studies/writing girl...u're doing amazing! if u need any tips (not that i'm a huge wealth of resources...lol) or shared words u kno were to find me on the submitting front. :)