Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everlasting Love

I am not sure how large a human's heart can grow before it starts to ache at the seams. All I know is that every corner of my life is filled with sunshine at the moment, and no cloud could possible shroud its glow.
Just before the wonderful events of last weekend, when my sister married the man of her dreams, another beautiful moment occurred.
Matt and Casey (this is the "good one" of Matt)
Two of the people dearest to my heart got engaged! On a quiet summer afternoon Matt asked Casey to be his wife, and of course, she said yes!
I am so ecstatic for my darling Casey and Matt. Matt and Casey have been together for ten years and come December they will be bound together in marriage, another symbol of the love that has kept them together despite the physical distance that has often separated them.
After meeting Casey seven years ago at the start of our undergraduate university careers I instantly fell in love with her and we have been best friends ever since. Casey has seen me through some of the darkest moments of my life and sparkled in some of the happiest. She is my favourite person to share a meal with, and entertains me endlessly whenever we are together.
Matt is the brother that I never had, the biggest warmest hug giver that I have ever known, and he makes Casey happy - the greatest gift I could ask for.
More Matt and Casey (this is the "good one" of Casey)
I am privileged to know such a brilliant and beautiful couple. I am astounded at the gift I have been given in being able to share in their life.
Congratulations my darlings, from the bottom of my heart to both of yours.
Here is to you, and to everlasting love.


  1. Oh, I love this! This is your friend you were speaking of on my blog, right?! She will surely know how special she is to you after seeing this!! xo

  2. As Casey's "other Mother' I am so happy that I am fit to burst. Plus i get to be an Outfit repeater as I can wear my "mother of the Bride" dress again, yippee!!!!!!!!! All the best my darlings.

  3. Ah, congrats to your friends!!! Another beautiful wedding for you to attend!

  4. so beautiful!!! gosh, when the good news rains it pours..hehe. :) congrats to them and a lovely tribute! :)

  5. beautiful couple! and a wonderful tribute to your friends! congrats to them!

  6. Beautiful post, Amy. Martina. :)