Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday, lazy Sunday

I woke up this morning to the pattering of rain on the roof, and a warm cat curled into my side. After my long run yesterday I had planned on a relaxed beach walk this morning. However, the rain and a snuggle from Toby made my bed appear so much more attractive than the cold.
Sometimes, a simple snuggle really starts the day off right.
As did my yummy breakfast! Spelt flour pancakes with only the second punnet of strawberries of the season, some jam and a little maple syrup.

After breakfast I felt like a little walk around the neighbourhood, unfortunately not something that I do very often anymore. I wound my way around familiar streets and lost myself inside thoughts of now and tomorrow and enjoyed the simple beauty that delighted my eyes along the way.

I am now enjoying the smell of pumpkin soup wafting from my kitchen, to be served with some sundried tomato and olive muffins. Then for dessert some spelt flour chocolate chip cookies, not quite happy with the recipe yet so I will share after I have done some experimenting. Still, I am looking forward to testing the results of this pilot study.
All is happy inside our little home tonight.

I also want to say a huge congratulations to Julia (who blogs wonderfully at Pain, Pride and Perseverance) and her sister Jenn who completed their first marathon and half marathon respectively. Wonderful job ladies, you are so inspiring!


  1. AMY!!! Thanks for the shout out and all of your sweet comments!! You have been so supportive and encouraging...I have appreciated it SO much!

    Again...another wonderful post. The pics of the flowers just made me smile--so gorgeous. Sometimes it is so easy to look over the simple beauty in life but your pics were the perfect reminder to take everything in!

    Now I am craving pancakes and think I may need to go make some RIGHT NOW :)

    Thanks again for everything. I am so grateful to have met you through "blog world"! :)

  2. What a refreshing post! Those pancakes look delicious and o do those muffins!!! I am going to attempt vaganizing them with my new found flax egg and almond milk! This should be interesting...