Friday, June 10, 2011

Fallen in Love With....Fridays

This Friday post is brought to you by the glorious sunshine and blue sky filled winter day that I woke up to this morning!
Molly is home from the veterinary hospital now after having two operations to her leg. She will be sore and sorry for a little while but the vet said she will be as good as new in about three months time.

This week I have fallen in love with:
  • Jamie Oliver magazine. I love the way this magazine is published on soft recycled paper with gorgeous photography, yummy recipes and great articles. The website is also worth a look as it features recipes, local articles and information on Jamie's Food Revolution.
  • Every single piece of kitchen ware and table ware on the Anthropologie website. In addition to their beautiful and unique clothes this shop has wonderful dishes and quirky kitchen knick-knacks.
  • Autumn leaves. I have a particular weakness for the way the leaves fall from the trees at this time of year. There is something so elegant in the way that nature sheds her skin over the winter months and recreates herself in the springtime. 
  • Latest photos from the NOH8 campaign. I have been following this campaign for quite a while now and I love receiving the newsletter and updates from this silent photographic protest for marriage equality and anti discrimination. The photographs taken by Adam Bouska are so beautiful in their simplicity, a worthy cause. Love is love people. Couldn't we all use a little more?
  • Walking everywhere I can. Brisbane winter is perfect for walking, and getting out of the office at lunch, and walking a little further to work instead of parking near the building are all easy ways to build some extra activity into my day. Luckily the area I work in is beautiful and leafy and people take care of their gardens and so there are lots of beautiful things to see on my lunchtime, morning and afternoon rambles.

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  1. YAY! That brought a smile to my face hearing that Molly is home! It must be so great to have her back! I agree...I love walking places when I can. It feels so refreshing and relaxing :) Have a wonderful day!