Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Gorgeous Chickpea's Birthday

Today marked the 24th year since the birth of my best friend Casey. This lovely lady and I have shared many adventures both here and abroad; in shoe stores, kitchens, five star hotels and hostels-that-shall-not-be-named. She has taught me to be adventurous in cooking, to be brave with my life and to trust my heart.

I will never forget the first time I met this wonderful woman, somehow we just decided we would be friends and soul mates and never look back.
So here is to you Casey.
To your smile which never fails to light up a room, to your predilection for high heels even when we go hiking in Central Park, to your wild abandon when it comes to ice cream, to your caring heart and sharing nature, to your brain that is light years beyond mine and your wonderful hugs.
You are a lamp in the darkest of nights my dear and you have rescued me so many times. I am grateful for you.
I make a wish for you today that you may always have butter cream frosting to lick off beaters, 1200 thread count sheets to lay your head upon, and kittens to snuggle.
Happy Birthday my dear heart.

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  1. we all should be so lucky as to have a Casey in our lives! happy bleated birthday to her and i'm so happy that the two of you have met and are able to teach, inspire, hug, and of course laugh together! :) and who in the world doesn't LOVE licking frosting off beaters?? ;)