Friday, June 3, 2011

Fallen in Love With...Fridays

This is a new section that I will be sharing each Friday, an edited list of what has caught my eye during the week previous and things that I can't wait to explore further.
For this inaugural Fallen in Love With... I present the following:

  • Matchbook Magazine - a coy and witty online magazine for the girl who longs to live the charmed life.
  • My Google Reader - all my favourite blogs together in one happy home.
  • Home made hummus - oh creamy, chickpea goodness. I can't wait to try out a roasted pumpkin and cumin or roast beetroot variation.
  • Pancakes (try these for an everyday indulgence and watch out for my upcoming always fluffy pancake recipe)
  • The wonderful Andie at - this lovely lady makes words dance across the page with her powerful prose, takes beautiful photos and leaves you wanting more with her mouth watering recipes.
  • Forgetting that I had already registered as an organ donor with donate life and trying to register again. I thought I hadn't gotten around to it yet, as although I made the decision a long time ago and it appears on my license it is important to also register your intent with your country/state organisation. Please give this decision serious consideration and talk to friends and family about you wishes as they will have the final say. The loved ones of up to 10 people whose lives you could save will be grateful for your gift. I like to think of it as one final random act of kindness.
There we have the first Fallen in Love With...Friday. I hope you find entertainment and some thought amongst my chic chickpea choices.
Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Thanks for the amazing comment on my post. It meant so much and I was thinking about what you said a lot last night!

    I love this idea for a Friday post! Such good things in that list :)

    Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend!

  2. I LOVE hummus! I'm totally going to try those pancakes!!