Friday, June 24, 2011

Fallen in Love With...Friday

I am currently sitting right in front of the heater with a pair of socks on and a cup of tea watching 'North by Northwest' with Mum and Dad. Oh Carey Grant, how I love thee.
So without further ado here are this Friday's Fallen in Love With...items: 
  • In view of my upcoming girl's week in Melbourne I have of course been researching the most important sight seeing of all - food establishments! Of course I am looking forward to breakfast at Phamish my favourite cafe in Melbourne's suburbs. I am also excited to try out Kinfolk , a cafe in Melbourne's CBD that uses organic and local produce but more importantly uses its profits to support four national and international development projects. Diners are given a coffee bean with their meals and when reaching the counter they place it in one of four jars to signify which charity they would like to support, then the funds are distributed accordingly, also whilst there are a few paid staff the wait staff are a volunteer work force. I look forward to donating both time and appetite to support this wonderful initiative!
  • The Winter Festival 2011 is going on in Brisbane this weekend and I am off to enjoy the festivities with my darling Casey. The festival is taking place in four different Australian cities over the coming months and this week is my home town's turn to enjoy the winter delights of some other cultures. Casey and I will be sipping some rich hot chocolate or indulgent chai latte, perhaps snacking on some poffertjes (Dutch pancakes) and enjoying the festivities. Casey has made it her mission this Sunday to help me carbohydrate load for the upcoming race (see what great support I have!)
  • The Los Angeles Times ran an article this week on Italian design company Boffi and I was instantly enchanted by the clean aesthetic and workable spaces of the semi industrial kitchen modules.
A rather short list this Friday evening but I am off to get back to Mr. Grant and make another cup of tea. I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe devised by my gorgeous chic chickpea sister - Minty Munchy Crunchy Cookies.

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  1. Carb loading is the BEST, especially with PANCAKES! Have an amazing time at the festival!