Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why I Run to Find My Point of Grace

There are sometimes when you just have to trust that you can find the magic in the day. It might not be something big, in fact there may be chaos raging around you when you find that point of grace, you just need to be open to finding it, experiencing the peace it brings you and remembering it the next time you feel frazzled, disenfranchised and just plain lonely.
Today I knew that there would be a point of grace somewhere, so after eight hours of feeling chained to my desk I practically flew down the stairs, praying that the traffic would not be too hideous I made my way to the gym for a run, and there, after 13km came the point of grace. That moment where my feet were moving in perfect rythym with my heart and it all just felt effortless. That is why I run, because even when I feel like quitting I know that if I am just patient and give into the mechanics and the music of running that I will find a moment of peace where I wish that I could go on forever.
You might find your grace in running, or in another type of physical activity, your peace might be in painting, or baking or helping others; whatever it is remember the feeling it brings when everything else seems to be getting you down and search for new grace in whatever you do.

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