Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chic Chickpea Challenge for February!

Every month here on One Chic Chickpea I will set myself a challenge, it might be related to food, perhaps literature, or fashion; first up, baking.

As of Sunday the 13th of February, I will have been officially a vegetarian for exactly six months. In those six months I have done nothing but fall in love with the way that legumes, wholegrains and soy milk have made my body feel.
Since beginning this journey I have avoided adventures in vegan baking, possibly due to the enormous importance placed on baking in my family and certain strange looks I may get for trying to tamper with long treasured family recipes.
In order to celebrate my first six months as a herbivore I am going to foray into fields unknown and attempt to bake some vegan cupcakes. This is my challenge for February and with beautiful pictures of vegan lemon cupcakes dancing in my head, my mixing bowl at the ready and eager tastebuds I approach the kitchen to start my adventure.
I promise to post the results and recipe on Sunday afternoon.

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