Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Christmas List

Whenever I manage to sit down and start a day with one of these:
One caffe americano, thank you very much!
I know that whatever comes will be worth it.
Today Jess, Trent and I headed out to brave the crowds and finish off our Christmas shopping. Along the way we came across this pretty face:
Jess with Trent's little sister Maddie
It was great to stop for a moment and talk to Maddie while she was on her lunch break.
After our short rest we headed back out into the crowds; Jess was determined to get through as much as we could so that we could spend the rest of the holiday weekends baking!
Soon I was the only person left on Jess's Christmas list, poor little sister I am the hardest person to buy for.
For me, the things I value most from people are not available in the stores even at this time of year when it seems you can buy anything if you have saved your pennies for long enough.
I know it sounds trite, but the greatest gift to me is time.
Don't send me jewels, or clothes, or expensive cosmetics that I don't know how to use.
What I really want are your Saturday mornings at the markets where we can sip coffee and talk about slow things as we wake to our weekend, I long for our Sunday walks on the beach watching the waves roll in as dawn breaks, I crave Friday night sing-a-longs to our old favourites as we make dinner in bare feet, and those cups of tea on rainy afternoons where we talk about the shiny secret places in our souls.
The moments our hearts and souls touch are the most valuable presents to me. I collect them in a place deep inside, they are my anchor in stormy times, the mirror that reflects how beautiful this life can be, they are my investment in my past, and a hope for the future.
These are the Christmas gifts I wish for.
What is on your Christmas list this year? What do you wish for that can't be wrapped with pretty red bows?


  1. This is so sweet! Just being surrounded by my beautiful family is all I ask :) Moments with them can't be bought, nor can they be wrapped in pretty red bows! I think that is what Christmas is all about - can't wait ;)

  2. i'm so with u, and even tho it sounds corny/cheesy it's true!! i'm not a person who has to have all the gadgets and stuff, and it actually makes me more excited when i find the perfect gift for someone else and i can't wait to see them open it! family and friends are the best gifts, as u say. :)

    that said, i wouldn't turn down a garmin. that is the only thing i actually really would luv to find under the tree. :)

  3. I agree! Nothing tops time spent together enjoying life's simple pleasures.

  4. you hit it PERFECTLY again. and as always :)time. the one thing that has become even more important to me as I grow older. more than gifts or anything else...i just appreciate the precious moments of time i get to spend with my fam. it has been really tough for me this year because my dad has always realized this but my mom always seems to have a materialistic view of Christmas. she seems to think that if she just gets me exactly what i will be the best Christmas ever. maybe that was true in the past...but this year more than anything i just wish she realized how much more it would mean to me to just spend time with her. guess we will see what happens :)

  5. Beautifully written. I think the gift of time is very important. Especially for elderly parents or relatives who just light up when someone comes to see them. Also, for a child who really just wants someone to pay attention to them. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design... I'm now following you! xo