Monday, December 19, 2011

A Very Special Birthday

The 16th of December marks a very special occasion for our family every year - my Dad's birthday!
This past Friday Dad celebrated another fantastic year on this earth with a trip to Melbourne with Mum to attend another family friend's birthday party.
Dad and Mum - just a couple of years ago...
I wanted to take an opportunity to wish my Dad a happy (somewhat belated) birthday right here on the blog.
Dad, you have given so much to Jess and myself, we are truly lucky to have you as our father, our friend, and our live-in mechanic/handyman/washing maid.
See, maturity, it runs in the family...
Even though I am no longer a little girl, I still count myself as Daddy's little girl. You have taught me so much in my life so far, and I know there are many lessons for me to learn still. You are the reason I can make shortbread off by heart, the best bear-hug giver I have ever met, the biggest kid at Christmas time, a great partner in crime when it comes to teasing Mum (lovingly as always) and the genetics responsible for making me unable to say no to 'just one more chocolate'.

Here's to many more years of Sunday afternoons scones, watching car racing on TV, landscaping projects, Christmas light competitions, pancake breakfasts and laughing at Mr. Bean.
I love you Dada. Happy birthday.


  1. awwww, happy bday to pappa chickpea!! such a loving tribute and trust me he's proud to have two such lovely daughters to then teach them u should never refuse a sweet treat. ;)

  2. Very cute. You are blessed to have such a fun Dad! xo