Friday, November 25, 2011

Making your own luck: my best recipe ever

Firstly, I must apologise for the somewhat dour mood of my last post, and then, secondly I must thank everyone for their support whenever I reveal that I am having a hard time with something.
Although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I am truly thankful for all the friends that this little blog has brought me.

Yesterday, while walking to my car from work I stooped to pick a coin off the ground; being a firm believer in the old adage 'See a penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck'. 

This was of course, before I realised that the coin was set into the concrete.
It stirred my mind though, and got me thinking about how it is so important that we make our own luck in this world. Although certain events in my life have me believing firmly that the hands of destiny and fate like to take  charge of the mixing bowl and spoon occasionally, I am even more certain that I am the mistress of my own recipe, heavy on the luck.
Luck is not a pre-made preparation that you can purchase off the shelf. There is one way to procure this precious substance: make it yourself.
You need:
  •  a good amount of self belief, 
  • a lot of love from others and for others,
  • an adventurous spirit,
  •  some readiness to take on the world and what it has to offer, 
  • a little bit of a bruised positive attitude (this makes the luck a little more dense and not so fluffy and gives excellent flavour)
  • Gratitude when the luck rises and comes out perfectly
  • Gratitude that you got to take the ride anyway, even when the luck isn't so perfect
I would like to end here by saying that even though your luck might not always come out like it looks in the recipe book, there is a chocolate lining to every crummy pastry sheet. Do not give up on yourself. Do not give up on life. 
The only real luck is that which you carry in your spirit. 
And that can never be broken.


  1. A beautiful recipe. I'm still cooking up the life I want. :)

  2. i'm so glad i'm not the ONLY person who will still bend over to pick up a coin even if it's one measly cent. ;) hehe.

    haha...i love the recipe here! and ya, when i think about it, often times it feels like so long as i keep doing wat i'm doing i seem to 'fall butt-backwards' into some kind of 'luck' keep moving forward and i like to think things work out to our favor. :)