Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh What a Wonderful Weekend!

Days like these remind me that I am one of the luckiest people I know. I left work on Friday afternoon and immediately stepped out into a relaxing spring weekend full of baking, walking and catching up with my beautiful Casey!
After reading this wonderful article from 'The Kitchn' about the wonderful Judith Jones I found myself with a craving for a well made omelette, thus ensued this culinary perfection; a symphony of fluffy green onion omelette with mushroom and parmigiana accompanied by pan fried asparagus. It was exactly what I had been  imagining all afternoon.

After dinner Jess decided that Molly needed to taste test some of the cupcakes she had baked. After all, Molly is one of the best food critics we know.
The cupcakes received the tail-wag of approval. 
I then got to play 'Queen of the Buttercream' and decorate the now approved cupcakes.
Oh. Delicious.
Saturday was a highly anticipated day full of adventures with Casey Tara!
Of course, we started with something sweet; my darling Casey knows of my predilection for the peanut and chocolate combination and thus created for me mini peanut butter cheesecakes crowned with chocolate.
Watch out! These might appear again in a moment!
Then we headed off for an early lunch at 'The Little Larder'. A funky breakfast and lunch spot that is highly popular on the weekends. After our experience I can see why, and I shall definitely return. Casey and I both had the 'Vege Delight' sandwich, mine as a salad and hers as nature (and the chef) intended it to be. A wonderful combination of nutty, chewy grilled haloumi, zucchini fritters, salad greens and tomato chilli jam dressed in sweet balsamic vinaigrette. I can't wait to try and repeat this at home.
As a salad.
As a sandwich.
We then headed to James Street in Fortitude Valley and wandered and wondered at all the treasures that we found at every turn. As this area was once quite industrialised there are many old warehouses that have now become interesting shops. The high ceilings and catwalk mezzanine of this old warehouse provided an interesting contrast to the delicate Provincial style furniture on display.

After some more imaginary furniture shopping, a relaxing swim and a great Pilates class Casey and I headed back home for a family dinner. The mini peanut butter cheesecakes were too scrumptious for just one appearance in a day and so they got a little fancier for dessert when dressed with whipped cream, home made caramel sauce, shaved chocolate and salted peanuts. All served in my new amuse-bouche glasses (we had to test them out you see). Just enough to satisfy a sweet ending to a very sweet day. Thanks Casey!

The spring sunshine that woke me this morning called for a wonderful walk to revel in the promise of the coming summer heat. Following the storms that we have experienced this week nature has thrown on all her jewels; the grass shining emerald and every flowering shrub and tree displaying ruby and amethyst decoration.

Of course there is no other way to end a wonderful weekend morning than getting in the kitchen. Therefore we have the white chocolate and hazelnut blondie.

Yes, my little chickpeas the recipe will come very shortly!

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  1. you were killing me with all of the deliciousness of this post!!!! ahhhhh! and of course...Molly = adorable as always!