Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Do I Thank You?

I believe in saying thank you.
Two little words that can mean so much.
A mere pair of syllables that can beat out the drum of emotion gathering in my chest when something good comes my way.
I need to verbalise my gratefulness when the universe sends positivity into my life.

I believe that thanking people should extend along the spectrum from acknowledging everyday courtesies like opening the door for someone, to the efforts that come along once in a life time or less.
Every time someone takes effort from their own life and puts it into yours, donates their energy to your universe, paints your sky blue again: I believe in saying thank you.
But sometimes, I don't know how to thank people enough.
Sometimes people make such a big difference to my life that these two words spill from my lips and seem like rocks next to the jewels they have offered to me.
Sometimes I don't think that I can offer them compensation for their effort by merely using these two syllables.

Today a dear friend of mine made a grand gesture, a selfless offer that made my world a whole lot brighter, and banished a load of worries from my mind.
All I have are these two words:
Thank You.


  1. such a wonderful post!!! i often experience that where I am just SO grateful that I feel like I do not even have the words to convey my feelings. but so often...thank you really is just enough!

  2. This was so nice. It's true what you say...the words "thank you" are so meaningful. Sometimes I wish there were even bigger words to express how thankful I am! Sounds loke you have a pretty great friend!

  3. Ahhh...I love this. I often too don't know how to thank those that have helped me so much.

  4. You write so beautifully!

    And "thank you" holds such meaning to me. It's so important to make it a regular part of everything.

  5. this post was amazing, as per usual. i often find myself bumbling, repeating those two words over and over, hoping that by saying them yet again i can reiterate just how MUCH i thank them. i search in my mind for words that may carry more weight; but in the end the thank you is all i come up with. i think though, as u point out, in the end that may be enough. :)