Saturday, October 22, 2011

Calories for a Cause

Breast cancer will directly affect the health of 1 in 9 women in Australia in their lifetime, of these 88% have a chance of surviving to five years post diagnosis (National Breast Cancer Foundation).
Early detection gives women a better chance of reaching this survival milestone.
During October Australia turns pink as morning teas, breakfasts, and many other celebrations are held to raise money to help increase breast cancer awareness and fund research into beating this disease.
I am so fortunate that through my work I get to talk to women who have survived breast cancer every day. These beautiful ladies are beacons of inspiration in my life, and I am humbled by the road they have walked, the challenges they have faced and the way that so many of them seem to embrace life and each opportunity it presents, with open arms.
Although my role is to coach and inspire them I find that it is often the opposite.
I am encouraged to walk my own road, because they have shone a bright pink light ahead and promised me that I am strong enough to face whatever twists the path may take.
I am steadied in my challenges by the voices of those who offer wisdom and lessons from a future that I have yet to live.
I show affection to life, because I am aware of just how precious, how fragile, how dynamic and changing it can be. Every second, every moment is a gift. You never know when that may change so come rain, hail or shine, embrace the everyday.
Every October we have the opportunity to raise funds to help with awareness, research and treatment of this disease.
These are calories for the best of causes.
Whether you choose fuchsia, peony, blush, salmon, magenta, or rose; going pink for a day and participating in your own pink ribbon day event is a shade that flatters everyone.
Last Thursday my wonderfully generous workplace donated their gold and their stomachs for our own pink ribbon morning tea.
Thank you to my beautiful colleagues for the funds we raised, they will be going to the Kim Walters Choices Program to help with the valuable work they perform in the Brisbane community.
Anyone for another cupcake?

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  1. By the looks of those I will FOR SURE take calories for a cause.

    Cancer scares me. I hope we find a cure in my lifetime (if not sooner).

    Get Up & Go