Friday, August 26, 2011

A Million Brilliant Points of Light

I am so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by extraordinary people.
Linked to so many amazing human beings through my work, my friendships, those who I call my family; everyone who takes up heart space.
Like a million brilliant points of light who shine in my night sky, who make up my astronomical map; each one of them anchors me with a connection that I treasure every day.
You can't see stars during the day, but they are still there, shining behind the sun; just another star really.
There is nothing like looking at a grey sky and knowing that behind those clouds, in the true background of the sky, there are a million brilliant points of light still radiating their light towards you, even though it isn't apparent right now.
There is more than what you can see with your human eyes.
There is more beyond that sky.
You might think you are alone.
That the sky is grey, and only grey. Choked with rain, drowning in sorrow and precipitation.
But behind those clouds, there are a million brilliant points of light.
And they shine for you.

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