Friday, August 5, 2011

Fallen in Love With...Friday

Every year in August, when winter should be winding down and spring is on our minds and in the fashion magazines, a colder wind starts to blow to remind us that the cold season is not over yet. In Brisbane we call them the Ekka winds; named after the agricultural show that comes to town at the same time every year, bringing livestock, lolly stuffed show bags, fairy floss, the fireman's calendar (all proceeds go to the children's burn unit at the Royal Children's Hospital) and without fail, a massive city-wide dose of the flu.
This week's list is all about comfort, those things that are designed to ward off the last of the winter season, and promise us that warmth is just around the corner.

  • Food is comfort in my mind and when I'm not in the kitchen cooking it, or at the table eating it, or on the couch reading about it; I love watching films about food, or where food plays a major part. For me, this week's television viewing has been all about 'It's Complicated', 'Julie & Julia', 'Chocolat', and, 'Because I Said So'. Inspiration definitely abounds!
  • Even though winter in Brisbane pales in comparison to myriad other cities I still find myself spending a lot of time indoors out of the cold. All this time in the 'great indoors' leads me to thinking about home interiors and decorating so when a post about the 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors caught my eye on Apartment Therapy I indulged in a little vicarious decorating pleasure. My favourites Meryl Streep's home from 'It's Complicated' and Cary Grant's amazing cliff hanging home in 'North by Northwest'. 
  • This week I have found myself with a slight obsession (okay so maybe it didn't only start this week) with layer cakes, that decadence seems to be the perfect comfort, whatever the season. Saveur has a beautifully moist chocolate layer cake on offer, with strata of slick shiny chocolate frosting cushioned between three luscious rounds of deep cocoa laced cake. Coconut is the harbinger of summer; cocktails and the scent of sunscreen, so what better than this gluten free coconut layer cake from epicurious to beckon warmer weather to our shores?
  • Finally, the ultimate winter indulgence is to plan an escape to a warmer climate, which this chickpea has done! In three weeks tomorrow I will be taking off for the warm shores of California! To see my beloved Ben, dip my toes in the waters of the other side of the Pacific and soak up some end of summer sun. I can't wait, my suitcase is being progressively packed and I am counting down the days.
This weekend is packed with beautiful adventures too. Tomorrow I am off to high tea with Mama Chickpea and Jess at the beautiful Room with Roses, and on Sunday Jess and I will be taking part in the Brisbane Times 10km, winding our way through this pretty city. Oh, and I have a banana muffin recipe to share too! Happy weekend everyone.


  1. how exciting that you are traveling to CA!!!!! ohhhh yum...layered cakes are my fave! good luck in the 10k!!!

  2. ummm, so anyone who DOESN'T have an obsession with cake is cahrazy!! :) good luck at the race and have a blast with the sis...oh my gosh, and u always make me smile "high tea with the mum" is it okay if i just steal that phrase from u even if i'm not going to any tea??