Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Butterfly Just Flew This Way!

What a lovely surprise to be perusing the beautiful Christina's blog (the one and only Athletarian) and find out that I had been nominated for the Butterfly Award!
Thank you so much Christina! I love reading your blog and your upbeat sunny attitude. Keep running beautiful!

Name your favourite colour: Difficult right off the mark! My favourite colour to wear is navy blue; otherwise it has to be yellow!

Name your favourite song: For running: ‘Teenage Dream’ by Miss Katy Perry. For snoozing: ‘Blue Monday’ by Flunk. Of all time: ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls

Name your favourite dessert: My darling Casey makes dried pears dipped in dark and white chocolate and then dunked in nuts. I would live off these alone if it were possible.

What wizzes you off: People with no manners. Please and thank you are not dirty words, waving when someone lets you overtake is still appreciated, and there is no shame in smiling at someone when they smile at you.

When you're upset you: Sleep. Complete chickpea shutdown.

Your favourite pet: I love all my babies. Look who is even trying his hand (or should that be paw?) at blogging. I’d love to see a guest post from Toby’s perspective, that’s for sure!
Have no doubt, this cat knows exactly how beautiful he is.

Black or white: I’ve always had a little trouble seeing the world so clearly split so I’m going to be contrary and say, shades of grey...
There are some things though where I have criteria.
White is my choice for: crisp button down shirts, bed linen, picket fences, house paint, roses and wine.
Black is the only way to go when it comes to: trousers, workout clothes, little dresses for dates, sports cars, and most importantly – coffee!
Chickpea dream car. One black Maserati - yes please!
Happy to dream for now...
Your biggest fear: Losing the love of my family and friends. They help me through so much in my life, I honestly have no idea what I would do without any of them.
They even smiled all the way through the 5km walk we did this past weekend.
In torrential downpour. These people still my heart.
 Best feature: My smile I think. Mostly because it is something that I can pass on to people, I only hope that it’s contagious!

Everyday attitude: Happy to be here. When I get down I just remember that tomorrow holds no guarantee all I can do is hold onto today and give it the best I’ve got.  

What is perfection: Perfection is a sunny Saturday afternoon on the beach with a beautiful man (you know who you are darling) with two puppies running around my feet, the wind in my hair and nowhere else on earth to be but right where I am.
Wait for me!
 Guilty pleasure: My beautiful Benjamin, a large half strength Americano to start my heart every work day, reruns of MASH, British police shows (love Midsomer Murders), and always licking the frosting bowl clean!

Now it is my turn to pass this award onto some of my darling blogger friends:
Cait - the divinely talented Arty RunnerChick
Julia - the inspirational mind (and feet) behind Pain, Pride and Perseverance
Dana - she of the hippie chic and gorgeous hair at My Little Celebration 
Vanessa - runner extraordinaire of Gourmet Runner
Allison of the ever bubbly Happy Tales Blog
Keri of the blue eyes and swift feet at The Blue-Eyed Runner

Only three sleeps until I fly out now!


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  2. Love this! You do have an amazing smile!!! Frosting bowls are the best thing ever :)

  3. That pear dessert sounds heavenly! Thanks for the tag as well, I have to get on it!!

  4. Wooooooooo!!! I feel so honored to be given this award!! Tehe, thank you for passing it along! Now I have an excuse to update my blog, LOL!

  5. Congrats on your much deserved butterfly award daaahling, its lovely to learn more about you.
    *kisses* HH

  6. thank u SOOO much for passing on this to me...awww, shucks. ;)

    i love reading what people answer for these, and i'm with u 120%, when there is something stressing me out or i just 'can't handle' i totally go on shut down/sleep mode. ummm, if i avoid a problem it most certainly will go away while i slumber, right? ;)

    PS- iris...such a great song! :)