Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, super pretty salad and recent really good things

Today I did nothing. Not something I am particularly good at anymore but after sleeping in until 11.30 this morning I decided that my body had deserved the rest. I also feel like the cold I have been staving off all week might finally have left me alone. Which is good news because the Gold Coast Half Marathon is only 5 weeks away and I had to delay my training a whole week because of the flu.
Doing nothing today actually felt really, really good. I don't think that I could do nothing more than occasionally but on this occasion, I really enjoyed it.

My super pretty salad from tonight consisted of roasted pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato along with some blanched asparagus, baby spinach, cranberries, chickpeas and a sprinkling of both feta and flaked almonds.
Very pretty, very yummy.

After dinner my darling sister presented me with one of her miniature brown sugar pound cake cupcakes with browned butter frosting. Heaven, the size of a tablespoon.

Other recent wonderful things have included:

The high tea I hosted yesterday for a few friends.

These roses that I pass every morning on my walk to work.

Some beauty in a recent rain storm.

Here is to the beautiful moments that this week is sure to bring.

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